Double-Hung Windows in Dayton, Ohio

Platinum Exteriors offers double-hung window installation services to Dayton and Southwest Ohio. double-hung windows are one of the most traditional styles of windows still available today. They have top and bottom panels that can each move up and down. Muntins, or dividers, split the individual panes of glass into sections or can snap on for aesthetic purposes.

Double Hung Windows - Platinum Exteriors in Dayton, Ohio

Advantages of Double-Hung Windows:

  • Versatility
  • Air conditioning & screen friendly
  • Constructed with three glass panels for energy efficiency
  • Tilt inward for easy cleaning and accessibility

double-hung windows match the everlasting charm of sash windows with the functionality of casement windows. Installing double-hung windows is just as easy as any other style of window, although you do need to have a good frame and a decent moisture barrier. Our team of certified home improvement specialists can help you decide which window solution would best fit your needs.

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