Casement Window Installation in Dayton, Ohio

Platinum Exteriors offers casement window solutions in Dayton and Southwest Ohio. Casement windows are attached to the window frame through one or more hinges and are hinged at the side.

They close tightly and use compression seals in order to minimize air leakage which reduces overall heating and cooling costs. Casement windows are energy-efficient and are a great option for areas that require a reach.

Casement Window - Platinum Exteriors in Dayton, Ohio

Casement Window Benefits:

  • Provide fully open window
  • Harder to break into
  • Fewer muntins that divide panes of glass within a single window
  • Catch side breezes

Whether you want your casement windows to hinge outward or angle inward to allow for a fresh breeze through your home, Platinum Exteriors is guaranteed to get the job done right.

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