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5 Home Improvement Projects to Knock-Out During the Winter Months

Posted on January 22nd, 2016 at 12:00 PM
5 Home Improvement Projects to Knock-Out During the Winter Months

Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you should put your home improvement projects aside. While spring and summer are great for exterior home projects, winter is the perfect season to freshen up your home’s interior. Here are a few ideas for sprucing up your home interior in preparation for warmer weather.


1. Freshen up your walls.

Winter months are a great time for adding a splash of color to your home interior. Also, winter months are ideal for an interior paint project as the dry air helps to quickly dry your paint. Reach outside of your comfort zone, and try adding a bright or bold color in your bathroom or family room as one of your next DIY home improvement projects.

2. Out with the old, in with the new.

Redecorating doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, go out and splurge a bit on a few new decorations, but don’t forget to channel into your crafty side and dive into some inexpensive DIY home decorating projects. Repainting an old piece of furniture, or even rearranging furniture can do a lot to switch things up. Why not set aside your old decor for a springtime yard sale to get some extra cash?

3. Warm your home this winter.

Bare flooring - hardwood, tile, or laminate - can be cold during the winter months. This winter season, consider installing new carpeting or purchasing a large area rug to warm up a space. These simple home improvements can provide a fresh new element of color, design, and even a separation of atmospheres. Do you already have carpeted floors? Use this time to give them a nice deep shampoo cleaning.

4. Give your doors a makeover.

This is one of those easy DIY home improvement projects that doesn't have to cost a fortune and can easily be done in the winter. Try adding a bit of character to your doors by giving them a new paint job or simply changing the doorknob. No matter how large or small your home improvement projects may be, they all add up in the end to make a big difference to the overall appearance.

5. Get extra energy efficiency & cost savings.

Keep the warm air in and the cold air out this winter! Save money and energy this winter by installing additional insulation. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are among the leading causes for energy waste. Platinum Exteriors & Insulation has installed home insulation products of all types and ensures to provide the highest quality insulation services available in the Dayton and Southwestern Ohio region. If you’re tired of high heating and cooling bills, contact Platinum Exteriors today!

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